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PowerPoint Template

for European Committee of Domestic Equipment Manufacturers

An example of a PowerPoint template


The European Committee of Domestic Equipment Manufacturers (CECED) is a Brussels-based trade association that provides a single, consensual voice for the household appliance industry in Europe.


CECED found their existing PowerPoint template was unreliable and displayed inconsistent formatting. Any new slides they added did not display the correct branding. They also found that the spellcheck language throughout their presentations was inconsistent. Some elements of slides were set to spellcheck in French, some in US English and some in UK English. They needed an improved template that was more user-friendly, more reliable and more consistent with branding and house style.


We set up a PowerPoint template with a number of master slides that provided the layouts they required. The master slides also provided the formatting and a consistent spellcheck language. Any new slides they add in the presentation will be correctly formatted and branded.

Master slides


The CECED PowerPoint template contains master slides for title slides, text and bullet slides, graph slides and an ending slide.

Master slides
Branding on new slides


Any new slides that are added to the presentation will display the CECED branding and be correctly formatted. Users can choose a different layout from a gallery of CECED-branded layouts.

Change layout
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