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You don't need to have a good knowledge of PowerPoint to create a professional presentation


When you start a new slide, do you have to copy and paste your logo from another slide?

Does your logo end up in the wrong position on a slide?

Does your logo seem to be in a different position on each slide?

Does the spellchecker keep defaulting to the wrong language?

When you add a shape or a table or a graph, do the colours match your branding?

Do you get different font sizes on different slides?


If your answer to any of these questions is yes then you need a custom PowerPoint template. A custom PowerPoint template would resolve all these problems.

So what are the benefits of a custom PowerPoint template?


  • Spend less time producing presentations and more time on other aspects of your business.


  • Portray your brand image throughout all your slides. Your logo will stay in the correct place on every slide.


  • Ensure consistent styling even when slides are produced by different people in your organisation. Headings and bullets will be consistently formatted in the correct size, position and colour.


  • Each new slide you create will be automatically preformatted with the correct branding and style.


  • Any tables and shapes you add to a slide will default to your corporate colour palette.


  • Provide a user-friendly environment to work with.

How to specify a PowerPoint template


What we need to know if you would like us to develop a PowerPoint template for you:-


  • What type of slide layouts to include - title slide, standard text slide, section divider, graphics slide, table slide, ending slide, etc.


  • What headers and footers to include on each slide. Logo, strapline, partner logo, etc.


  • The colours of your colour palette. We need the RGB values of colours.


  • What font size and colour for headings, bullet points, plain text, title, subtitle, section divider title, etc.

“The templates produced are great – they have saved time and help ensure we consistently present high quality documents to our clients.”

Abi Leech, Marketing Executive, Managementors

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