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Don't waste time on the format and layout of your report


You want to spend your time on the content of your report rather than the formatting, design and layout. We will set up the Word report templates for you according to your design and layout. The report layout will be robust so it won’t suddenly change and you won’t have to keep adjusting it. The formatting, including the paragraph and table styling, headings and colour palette will be set up in the Word report template for you.


We can supply a custom ribbon tab to make it easy for you to apply the formatting.

Printed report on desk
Automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks


If you regularly have to perform repetitive and time-consuming tasks, we can automate the process for you. For example, if you have to change the margins or the page setup or even the formatting for a particular client or a particular type of report, we can automate the process for you. Then all you need to do is press a button and the task is done instantly. You don’t have to remember how you did it last time or spend hours working out how to do it. It’s done on the press of a button.

Insert standard paragraphs of text from a text library


If you regularly use the same text but maybe in different sections of different reports and in a different order, a text library will be ideal for you. You store all your standard sections of text in a central library and then choose the section you want to use from a drop-down list. The section will be inserted at your current selection point on the document.


It doesn’t have to be just text in your text library. It can be images, graphs, diagrams, tables, or any other items you can use in a Word report document.


Please see Insert standard text from a text library for more information.

Insert landscape pages without losing the headers and footers


We can provide a function in the Word report template that will insert a landscape section for you without losing the headers and footers. Due to the shorter page height, footers are often lost when you insert a landscape section manually. You may also find that items on the right-hand side of a header or footer might disappear on a landscape page or end up in the wrong position on a portrait page. Our function will stop any of this happening so all you need to do when you want a landscape section is press a custom button on the ribbon.


Similarly if you want to change back to portrait, you just press a button and the page orientation will be changed to portrait with all the header and footer items in the correct position.

Copy and paste from other documents without damaging the formatting or layout of your report


Copying and pasting from other sources and also other documents in Word can destroy your existing formatting and layout. Your document seems to take on a mind of its own and it loses automatic numbering and bullet points. Margins, fonts and paragraph spacing might suddenly change and headers and footers get overwritten. This is an annoying feature of Word. We can stop it happening though with a Custom Paste routine. You use the Custom Paste button rather than Word’s standard Paste button and any text you copy in will not damage the existing formatting and layout of your document.

Add graphs in the correct style and size for the Word report


An Excel template can format any graphs you create in your specified style. The graphs will be formatted using your specified colours, labels, legend, gridlines, axes and background; all at the press of a button.


The Excel template can also set your graph to a specific size so it fits the width of a page in your Word report. You could always choose from a selection of sizes if you want to include half-width or margin graphs.

Case studies


Please see our case studies for examples of custom Word report templates we have developed for other clients. 

“The templates produced are great – they have saved time and help ensure we consistently present high quality documents to our clients.”

Abi Leech, Marketing Executive, Managementors Ltd

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