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Investment Report Template

for HFS Milbourne

An example of a Word automated report


HFS Milbourne Financial Services are professional independent financial advisers specialising in personal financial planning.


HFS Milbourne found the report-writing process quite time-consuming and wanted a template that enabled them to produce retirement planning and investment reports quickly, accurately and consistently. We developed an automated Financial Report template for them.

Report wizard


When a new financial report is created, an input box is displayed where the financial adviser can input data and select options to include in the report.


The investor’s name is added here. If the advice is for a couple, a second investor’s name can be added. Relevant sections of the report can be tailored to each investor.

Report Wizard

The adviser selects the level of risk each investor has indicated they are prepared to accept.

Risk score

The type of report to produce is selected.

Type of report

Any optional objectives to be included are selected.

Optional objectives

Summary recommendations for each investor are selected.

Summary recommendations

Appendices to be included in the report are selected.


Pressing the Finish button creates the report. All the relevant sections and text the financial adviser selected in the wizard will be added automatically to the report. The information and text to be inserted is stored in a library of Word documents. If any information needs to be changed in the future, HFS Milbourne’s staff can edit the text in the library documents as required.

Custom ribbon tab


The template includes a custom ribbon tab with buttons to make it easy to apply styling to headings, paragraphs and tables.

Custom ribbon

"We were finding that we were spending an increasing amount of time preparing the standard wording and structure for our business reports and this was something that we wanted to streamline as much as possible so we could spend more time on enhancing the client reports with additional information and guidance that was bespoke to the client.


"We also wanted to ensure we had a standard structure and more professional look to our templates with standard wording that was agreed by the board prior to being used. The report wizard enables us to produce a HFS Milbourne agreed report layout, with standardised tables, font, colour and styles and ensures there is a common approach to these reports regardless of the individual producing the report. It also provides prompts to remind the user of items to possibly include, depending on the client circumstances.


"It allows updates to wording to be done quickly and easily so ensuring the next time a report is run, the up-to-date wording will appear. All updates are done within one area and done once, rather than having to update several template documents.


“Overall the report wizard has speeded up the time spent on generating reports and helps ensure these reports are completed with compliant, agreed wording.”

Belinda Ray, Senior Technical Analyst, HFS Milbourne

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