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Surveyors, Technical Authors

Don't waste time on the format and layout of your Word survey reports or technical documents


You want to spend your time on the content of your reports and documents rather than the formatting, design and layout. We will set up a survey template or technical document in Word for you according to your design and layout. The layout will be robust so it won’t suddenly change and you won’t have to keep adjusting it. The formatting, including the paragraph and table styling, headings and colour palette will be set up in the template for you.


We can supply a custom ribbon tab to make it easy for you to apply the formatting.

Surveying equipment
Easy insertion and display of photos and diagrams


Do you find your photographs and diagrams are inconsistently displayed? They might be different sizes, they might be in different positions on the page, they might jump around the document and move away from the paragraph they should be anchored to.


We can provide a function in the survey or technical document template to help you insert photos, diagrams and images so they are all a uniform size and they are displayed consistently throughout the document. The function can include captions and labels that remain with the image.

Automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks


If you regularly have to perform repetitive and time-consuming tasks, we can automate the process for you. For example, if you have to change the margins or the page setup or even the formatting for a particular client or a particular type of report, we can automate the process for you. Then all you need to do is press a button in the survey report template and the task is done instantly. You don’t have to remember how you did it last time or spend hours working out how to do it. It’s done on the press of a button.

Insert standard paragraphs of text from a text library


If you regularly use the same text but maybe in different sections of different reports and in a different order, a text library will be ideal for you. You store all your standard sections of text in a central library and then choose the section you want to use from a drop-down list. The section will be inserted at your current selection point on the document.


It doesn’t have to be just text in your text library. It can be images, graphs, diagrams, tables, or any other items you can use in a Word document.


Please see Insert standard text from a text library for more details about how a text library works and how you could benefit from it.

Little technical knowledge of Word required


The formatting and layout of reports will be set up for you. Your staff don’t need to have a good technical knowledge of Word to create a survey report in Word. Producing a survey report becomes an easy task when you can select paragraph, heading and table formats and run automated functions from custom ribbon buttons.

Case studies


Please see our case studies for examples of custom report templates we have developed for other clients.

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