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Client Report Template

for Master Adviser

An example of a Word automated report template with text library


Master Adviser are a Chartered Financial Planning company and produce a lot of reports for their clients.


Master Adviser wanted a new report layout that was easy for their advisers to use.


We developed a single template that could be used for different types of client reports. A single template for different types of report is more efficient in terms of maintenance and support and ensures all reports are consistently formatted and presented.

Select the type of report


When an adviser first creates a report they are asked to choose the type of report from a drop-down list. The information for the selected report is retrieved from Master Adviser’s text library.

Select type of report
Custom ribbon tab


The template includes a custom ribbon tab with buttons to run the custom functions we developed and make it easy to apply styling to headings, paragraphs and tables.

Custom ribbon
Text library


Advisers can select standard sections of text to insert from Master Adviser’s text library. We set up the text library as a series of Word documents that staff at Master Adviser can easily update as required. They can add and remove documents from the library and edit documents just like any other Word document.

Insert text

“The document drafting service brings in to our company a standard of expertise we did not know even existed; the templates save significant amounts of time, but more importantly, they produce an end product for our clients that is of a higher standard than we could produce ourselves. The documents also bring a level of standardisation into our firm, it effectively embeds our brand into every report we produce.


“The templates are simple and intuitive, allowing the right amount of freedom for customisation. They do not restrict report drafting the way many other options do. If templates are too restrictive, users simply fudge the reports and the whole project falls apart. The templates developed by Expert Office Documents deal with that problem.”


"It solved a key problem where we have an investment analyst preparing reports on a daily basis, updating investment research continually. The reports can also be used by a team of advisers so we now have a template where all the reports are instantly recognisable as Master Adviser documents. The core information from the analyst is the same, including compliance notes, yet our advisers have the freedom to personalise the end report for each specific client. Job done.”

Doug Brodie, Managing Director, Master Adviser

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