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Custom charts and graphs, spreadsheets, calculators, models

Demonstration of an Excel charts add-in
You don't need to have a good knowledge of Excel to create on-brand graphs and charts.
So what are the benefits of a custom Excel chart template?


  • Spend less time producing charts and more time on other aspects of your business.


  • Ensures all your charts and graphs are on-brand using the correct colours, fonts, gridlines and labels.


  • If the chart is to go in a Word or PowerPoint report, ensures each chart you create will be the correct size for the report. This also ensures consistent graph sizes throughout your report.


  • Ensures consistent styling even when graphs are produced by different people in your organisation.


  • Provides a user-friendly environment to work with.

How does a custom Excel charts template work?


You use a standard Excel spreadsheet to create your graph. You press a button on the custom ribbon tab we provide and the graph will be instantly formatted in your house style. It will use your brand colours and fonts. It will display gridlines, background colours, labels and legend according to your brand specification. You don’t need to manually add any formatting, just press the button. It is still a standard Excel chart so you can edit it as you would any other Excel chart.

Custom ribbon tab showing chart format buttons and formatted charts

If the chart is to be inserted in a Word report or a PowerPoint slide then we can also provide a button to resize the chart to the correct size for your report or slide. You may find that resizing a chart manually also resizes the fonts and labels which you don’t always want as they can end up very small and unreadable.  Our function to resize the graph will ensure your fonts and label sizes remain the correct size.

Custom ribbon tab showing Set Chart Width button
How to specify an Excel template


What we need to know if you would like us to develop an Excel graphs template for you:-


We need to see an example of each type of graph you will want to create (e.g. bar, column, line, pie, stacked bar, stacked column, doughnut, scatter, etc). In particular we need the following information:-


  • The colours in your colour palette. We need the RGB values of the colours.


  • What colour do you want bars and lines of each series to be? E.g. series 1 to be red, series 2 to be blue, etc.


  • For line charts, do you want to display a marker at each data point? What colour, shape and size for the marker?


  • Where do you want the legend to be displayed? Do you want to be able to choose where to display the legend or will it always be to the right of the graph or underneath the graph?


  • How do you want to format the axes? What colour, line width? Do you want to display tick marks?


  • Do you want to display gridlines? What colour and line width?


  • What font do you want your labels to be? Colour, size, type?


  • Do you want to include a chart title?


  • What colour do you want the background of the graph to be?

"Expert Office Documents have done a great job helping to develop an Excel document which generates a quotation in Word, saving our team time and effort retyping the same information across formats. Once the team were shown by myself (not a software master!) they have all been able to adopt the system and use on a day-to-day basis. Even our most computer illiterate and stubborn staff members are comfortable with the use of the documents and have given high praise!


I do not have a negative word to say against Expert Office Documents; they are always happy to assist / accommodate any developments we require. The service and product received is perfect for our requirements, allowing our service and company to grow."

Robert Cannon, Sales & Projects Manager, Hunters Contracts

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