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Publication Departments

Consistent on-brand documents


Ensure all your documents produced by any of your staff in any of your offices have a consistent look and feel. The formatting and layout will already be set up in the template.


A Word template will include paragraph and table styles so fonts, paragraph spacing, table borders and shading will be uniform.


A PowerPoint template will include master slides, sample slides and your colour palette to ensure presentations use the correct font sizes and colours, bullets and table and graph colours.


An Excel template will include custom graph styles set to your house style so any graphs users create would be styled in your branding.

A pile of publications
User-friendly and ideal for non-technical people


A custom ribbon tab will make it easy for your staff to format headings, paragraphs and tables, insert text boxes or margin images and add landscape sections to Word reports.


For Excel templates, your staff can create graphs using standard Excel functions and then press a button to format the graphs in your house style.


For PowerPoint templates, any new slide added to a presentation will automatically include the background images, logos, fonts, bullets and placeholders specified in your design.

Customised to your requirements


We will set up the template according to your requirements. If your documents require a specific layout or specific functionality we can set it up for you. If your staff need to perform repetitive or time-consuming tasks we can automate processes for you. So saving your staff loads of time and increasing accuracy too.

No need to buy new software or additional training


You already have Microsoft Office installed so you don’t need to buy any new software to run any of our templates. Our templates are easy to use and customised to your organisation. Only a basic knowledge of Word, PowerPoint or Excel is required so you don’t need to send your staff on expensive training courses.

“Expert Office Documents were a fantastic help in OnTrack exceeding our expectations. At every stage they advised improvements, made amendments and would not rest until the documents were perfect. The whole process was made so much easier having experts to guide throughout, and the aftersales support, including help documentation, made the adoption internally so much easier.


"I would thoroughly recommend Expert Office Documents for great service, price and speed.”

Fraser Jones, Head of Client Engagement, OnTrack International

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