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Branded Word, PowerPoint and Excel stationery templates


Provide a set of branded stationery templates alongside your client’s new corporate image; branded Word letterhead templates, Word report templates, Word proposal templates, PowerPoint design templates, PowerPoint slides and presentations, Excel graphs and charts.


A set of stationery templates will help your client implement and promote their new brand. All their staff will be able to easily create documents that are consistently on-brand.


You provide the design and we will create the templates according to your design. 

Marketing, Branding, Design
Optimal design and layout


We can work with you to devise the optimal design and layout for Word and PowerPoint documents. You obviously want a document to look appealing and you have the design skills to do this. But if your client’s staff are to make good use of the documents, the documents need to be easy-to-use, especially if your client’s staff are not that technical. Some designs and layout can make a document difficult and complicated to use. If a document is difficult to use then people either won’t use it or they won’t use it properly and so your design goes to waste.


We can advise on whether a particular design has the potential to cause your client problems. And if it is a complicated design we can write macros and automated procedures to make it easy for your client’s staff to use the document.


Windows/PC compatibility


Mac versions of Microsoft Office aren’t always compatible with PC/Windows versions of Office. If you create templates for your clients on a Mac, can you be sure the templates will look and work the same on a PC? We develop and test all our templates for PC/Windows versions of Word so you can be sure our templates will look and work as you intended.

"Excellent. A very professional, personable and considered approach. Nothing was a problem and the project was fulfilled within the urgent timeframe. It was so good to work with a professional with such knowledge of the product."

Melanie Fischer, Director, MGA Advertising

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