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Sales Teams, Proposal Writers

Save time with an automated Word proposal template


Would your proposals be much quicker to produce if you could automate some of the proposal-writing process?


Do your proposals contain standard paragraphs of text for each different product or service you sell?


We can automate some or all of the proposal production for you with a custom Word proposal template.


You could choose the products or services you want to include from a drop-down list and the relevant sections and standard paragraphs of text for the selected product or service would be automatically added to the proposal. We could even fetch the product or service description from a database.


There would be no need to copy and paste information from previous proposals.


The automatic insertion of information could include graphs, tables and diagrams as well as text.

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Personalised proposals


An automated Word proposal template would enable you to tailor a proposal to your prospect so it only contains information relevant to them. A personalised proposal is more appealing than a generic proposal that fits all.

Greater accuracy, ensure details are up to date


An automated Word proposal template would be much more accurate and help you to ensure you have included all the relevant information. All the standard paragraphs of text you use would be stored in a central store so there is only one master copy of your standard text. If any information needs to be updated, you only need to update it in one place; the master copy. You can therefore be confident that proposal authors will always be using the most up-to-date information.

Little technical knowledge of Word required


The formatting and layout of the Word proposal document will be set up for you. Your staff don’t need to have a good technical knowledge of Word to create a proposal in Word. Producing a proposal document becomes an easy task when you can select the options you want to include from drop-down boxes and tick boxes.

Consistent layout and formatting


All your proposals would have a consistent layout and formatting and portray your brand image.

Case studies


Please see our case studies for examples of custom Word templates we have developed for other clients.

Inserting standard text from a text library


Please see Insert standard text from a text library for more details about how a text library works and how you could benefit from it.

"Expert Office Documents have done a great job helping to develop an Excel document which generates a quotation in Word, saving our team time and effort retyping the same information across formats. Once the team were shown by myself (not a software master!) they have all been able to adopt the system and use on a day-to-day basis. Even our most computer illiterate and stubborn staff members are comfortable with the use of the documents and have given high praise!


"I do not have a negative word to say against Expert Office Documents; they are always happy to assist / accommodate any developments we require. The service and product received is perfect for our requirements, allowing our service and company to grow."

Robert Cannon, Sales & Projects Manager, Hunters Contracts

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